All The Children Sleep In Coffins

by Black Sheet Servitude




released February 10, 2016

Black Sheet Servitude Is:
Abattoir - Electronics/Vocals/Samples/Drum Programming/
Synths/Object Abuse
Necro Doll - Vocals/Samples/Additional Noise

All lyrics by Abattoir

Recorded at The Imperfection House,
Bakersfield CA 2016

Thanks To:
Patrick and Caleb/Bullshit Market/Trashfuck Records/
Scott/She Walks Crooked/Betty/Phantasm Nocturnes/
Gordon/United Front/Mortum/Exabyss Records/Black Oak Productions/The Insect Worship Collective/John E.
Roth/Draven Kemper/And anyone else who has shown
support or tolerated our shit.



all rights reserved


Black Sheet Servitude Bakersfield, California

Torture Electronics.

We Exist To Create That Which Shall Destroy.

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Track Name: Black Sheet Market
A barred door in an isolated back alley,
A triskele carved in the frame.
Dim fluorescent lights bathe
a lone dingy room...
Where the product awaits on display.
Flesh at fair prices of all size and age.
Tagged and discounted. Malnourished, Enslaved.
A rack on the wall contains tools of the trade.
Ball gags, And harnesses, Ass hooks and chains,
Spreaders and collars, D-Rings and restraints.
Down a dark hallway they demonstrate,
With hoists, Horses, Tables, Benches and frames.
Stimulation of every manner and make.
Deprivation of any sense they can take.
They strike deals as whips strike until skin breaks.
One man's gain is another's heart break.
As nameless youths await homes like a pet.
Sold for high price on the black sheet market.
Stole from their families before they could walk.
Taught to submit before they learned to talk,
In the language of the country they now call home.
Numbered according to their chromosome.
Shipped overseas to the land of the free.
Nondescript meat in the hands of the wealthy.
Track Name: All The Children Sleep In Coffins
All the children sleep in coffins,
Down in the river below.
Innocence is never forgotten,
When you never have the chance to grow old.
Little sister sleeps in the garden below.
When I miss her I walk to the waters alone.
Hear her whisper:
"Brother when you gonna come home?"
Little sister lays neath the ripples and stones.
She says: "Big brother don't you worry...
Death is not as dark as you think. And you'll
be getting here in a hurry. Don't you know your
ship has sank?"